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Wong Qing Xian
Malaysian-born Wong Qingxian graduated from the Na...  Read more
Vivien Yang
Vivien Yang was a Mathematics teacher with the Min...  Read more
Syamil Dasuki Bin Osman
Syamil Dasuki (1990 - ) Born in 1990, Syamil Da...  Read more
Nyan Soe
Nyan Soe (1987 - ) Nyan Soe is an artmaker who ...  Read more
Liza Markus
Liza Markus (1995 -) With figurines covered in...  Read more
Liu Yao Dong / Don Liu 刘尧东
Liu Yaodong / Don Liu (1992 - ) A Sichuan nati...  Read more
Lee Rui Xiang 李瑞祥
Lee Rui Xiang (1989 - ) Born in 1989, Lee Rui ...  Read more
Kylie Tamara
Kylie Tamara graduated from the Nanyang Academy of...  Read more