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Past Exhibitions Vitality & Imagination: recent and other works from the NAFA collection
Vitality and Imagination drew over 65 recent works from the NAFA's permanent art collection. Spanning three galleries, each pr...  Read more
Past Exhibitions The Field Beyond: works by 4 Malaysian artists
Featuring the works of three prominent practicing artists in Malaysia and introducing an emerging talent alongside, The Field Beyo...  Read more
Past Exhibitions After2
As we are entering a new season of hope, this year’s after2 exhibition’s curatorial framework focuses on the role of d...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Catalyst: Fostering Intersection of Disciplines (SPU)
Catalyst is a showcase of the work created, and talent nurtured, under the canopy of the Special Projects Unit (SPU) of NAFA, pres...  Read more
Past Exhibitions ReThinging Materiality: Contemporary Sculpture 2021
reTHINGing Materiality — Contemporary Sculpture 2021 is part of the Sculpture Society Singapore (SSS) 20th Anniversary Show ...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Best of Best: SOAD
The Best of Best Show 2021 distills and features some of the finest works by graduating SOAD students. Held from 8 to 18 July, thi...  Read more
Past Exhibitions The Grad Expectations: Fine Art
Presented by the NAFA School of Art & Design (SOAD), The Grad Expectations 2021 showcases original works created by our gradua...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Underwater Series 2020 By Tay Kiam Hong 庚子鱼乐二十年 郑剑峰新作'
Underwater Series 2020 was the third solo exhibition by Singaporean artist and NAFA alumnus Tay Kiam Hong, renowned for his ink wo...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Crashing Waves, Billowing Clouds: A Tribute to Tan Kian Por 涛啸云涌: 陈建坡遗作展
Waves upon waves, building and crashing, like clouds upon clouds, billowing and flowing—such is Tan Kian Por’s love fo...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Depth of Being: Wee Beng-Chong 黄明宗缤纷艺境展
Wee Beng Chong is one of Singapore's most iconic artists. He is an illustrous NAFA alumnus, well-loved teacher and outstanding...  Read more
Past Exhibitions In-Process (3DD)
Organised by the 3D Design Programme at NAFA, In-Process is a group exhibition showcasing the design processes of students’ ...  Read more
Past Exhibitions The Life of Lines in Art: Works from the NAFA Collection
The use of lines creates movement, texture, rhythm, and emotive impressions in an artwork. This display of works from the NAFA Col...  Read more
Past Exhibitions A song, a whisper and a wish: works from the NAFA Permanent Collection featuring music
A song, a whisper and a wish showcased works in the theme of music. Featuring works from the NAFA Permanent Collection, the exhibi...  Read more
Past Exhibitions White Space: A Legend, the Lady and the Voyager
White Space provides an avenue for the collaboration and discussion of new ideas, and a space for creative experimentation and cri...  Read more
Past Exhibitions What Does Reality Look Like? Fine Art Showcase
Featuring a plethora of works from multiple disciplines, What Does Reality Look Like? focuses on the inner workings and creative p...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Flagship Genius featuring Ayutthaya II
In conjunction with NAFA Open House, this hybrid of two different showcases, Flagship Genius and Ayutthaya II, represented and dem...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Flagship Genius featuring Ayutthaya
This year's instalment of Flagship Genius featured the works of students who participated in the academy-wide project Ayutthay...  Read more
Past Exhibitions How to Desire Differently
How to Desire Differently is a group exhibition that imagines complex representations of bodies of difference. In looking at &ldqu...  Read more
Past Exhibitions ROOTS OF METALCRAFT: Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata, Japan
ROOTS OF METALCRAFT: Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata, Japan showcased the history of metalcrafts and the manufacturing process of metal pro...  Read more
Past Exhibitions White Space: Sherman Ong
White Space provides an avenue to experiment and discuss new ideas through the sharing of research processes by artists, researche...  Read more