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Past Exhibitions Flagship Genius featuring Ayutthaya III
The 3rd iteration of the Ayutthaya academy wide Southeast Asian Art project opened on 13 January 2022 with participating students&...  Read more
Past Exhibitions The 25th Ngee Ann National Teochew Artists' Exhibition 2023
The Ngee Ann National Teochew Artists’ Exhibition presented the works of local Teochew artists and this year marked the 25th...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Shifts of Innovation: Uncovering Reinventions
Shifts of Innovations: Uncovering Reinvention brought together NAFA talents across various disciplines, looking at the evolut...  Read more
Past Exhibitions XEMX: 5 Friends 10 Years Art Infinite
Welcome XEM, the Southeast Asian blockbuster for NAFA featured Vietnamese art collective comprising of original 5 artists, Nguyen ...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Reverie: Tay Bak Koi
Renowned for his tranquil and otherworldly scenes of roaming buffaloes and fishermen, Reverie: Tay Bak Koi, is a tribute exhibitio...  Read more
Past Exhibitions In God We Trust | Yelling Faces: If Everything Has a Voice
The second edition of ISEAA’s UOB Southeast Asian Virtual Residency project brought Vietnamese contemporary artist UuDam Tra...  Read more
Past Exhibitions FOAD co:Lab 2023
The Faculty of Art & Design presented FOAD co:Lab 2023 and showcased the creativity and talents of our students. The proj...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Recent Acquisitions: Works from the NAFA Collection
Featuring a selection of recent works acquired from artists in residence together with the champions of NAFA’s Art Collectio...  Read more
Past Exhibitions White Space: Lines at the Door
Featuring 40 drawings that are diverse in approach and appearance, White Space: Lines at the Door invited the audience to look at ...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Yong Mun Sen in Nanyang 杨曼生与南洋
An exhibition and publication featuring an outstanding collection of paintings in watercolour, oil and photographs by Malaysia&rsq...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Flagship Genius featuring Ayutthaya IV
In conjunction with NAFA’s Open House, this hybrid of 2 different showcases Flagship Genius and Ayutthaya IV represent and d...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Leo Hee Tong: Memories of Time 时光印迹: 梁其栋
Renowned Singaporean painter and NAFA alumnus Leo Hee Tong presented a survey exhibition showcasing his artistic journey spanning ...  Read more
Past Exhibitions With All My Heart: Kit Tan Juat Lee 全心全意:陈月丽
Curated in close collaboration with the artist’s family, this tribute exhibition and publication commemorated the life and a...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Heroic Tales: Puppetry across Southeast Asia
Grace Leong and Matthew Foo from NAFA–UAS  guided about 200 students over a decade in a learning journey across 9 South...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Lim Leong Seng: Journey from the Wilderness 莽原的足迹: 林龙成
Singaporean sculptor-artist Lim Leong Seng held his ninth solo exhibition, a major endeavour that was a metaphorical exploration o...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Downsizing: The Universe on a String
The String Theory suggests that everything within existence is made out of unbelievably tiny strings, whose vibrations produce eff...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Flagship Genius featuring Văn Miếu-Quốc Tử Giám
Flagship Genius is a regular platform held yearly to highlight emerging talents across disciplines within NAFA as part of the NA...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Vitality & Imagination: recent and other works from the NAFA collection
Vitality and Imagination drew over 65 recent works from the NAFA's permanent art collection. Spanning three galleries, each pr...  Read more
Past Exhibitions The Field Beyond: works by 4 Malaysian artists
Featuring the works of three prominent practicing artists in Malaysia and introducing an emerging talent alongside, The Field Beyo...  Read more
Past Exhibitions After2
As we are entering a new season of hope, this year’s after2 exhibition’s curatorial framework focuses on the role of d...  Read more