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Past Exhibitions Thomas Yeo | Now & Then: New paintings and works from his collection
Born in Singapore in 1936, NAFA’s first Distinguished Alumni Medallist and 1984 Cultural Medallion Award recipient Thomas Ye...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Making Art Life: Ho Kah Leong 60 years and beyond 何家良写生回顾展: 情系丹青一甲子
Born in 1937, Singaporean artist Ho Kah Leong is a prominent figure in Singapore’s artistic circle. He trained at NAFA for a...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Seasons | Lim Yew Kuan
Artist and art educator Lim Yew Kuan is synonymous with NAFA as an iconic leading arts institution. He was educated at NAFA then w...  Read more
Past Exhibitions HAN SAI POR: Black Forest Series II
Foremost Singaporean sculptor, Cultural Medallion Award and NAFA Distinguished Alumni Medal recipient Han Sai Por and NAFA are ple...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Ang Ah Tee: REMINISCENCE
Inspired by street scenes and landscapes to places in his travels; this exhibition marked Singaporean artist, NAFA alumni and Cult...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Dayak: Woodblock Prints by Tay Chee Toh
Tay Chee Toh is a NAFA alumnus and 1985 Cultural Medallion recipient. Inspired by the graceful Dayak people of Sarawak, Tay create...  Read more
Past Exhibitions A Ridge, a Word, a Brush: Wee Beng Chong
Students will be committed to a self-initiated, site-specific exhibit during the trip employing resources collect on site. And upo...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Lim Yew Kuan
Mr. Lim Yew Kuan staged his first solo retrospective exhibition in NAFA, Lim Hak Tai Gallery. The exhibition showcased a wide vari...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Art of the Second Generation: Beyond Fact and Fiction Singapore Art Show 2005
This show was part of Singapore's biennial visual arts festival Singapore Art Show 2005. Curated by Bridget Tracy Tan, Directo...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Ang Ah Tee: Fascinating Visions
Ang Ah Tee: Fascinating Visions was organised by NAFA Art Galleries in honour of his Cultural Medallion achievement in 2009. A sho...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Adventures of Little Things
6 artists of differing artistic orientations and backgrounds were assembled to explore the perennial questions on production and c...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Inspired Journeys: Recent works by Ang Ah Tee
NAFA alumnus and second-generation artist Ang Ah Tee featured close to 45 of his then-recent works in this exhibition featuring la...  Read more
Past Exhibitions Constrasting Images: Thomas Yeo
Born in Singapore in 1936, Thomas Yeo was schooled at NAFA between 1958 and 1960. He subsequently furthered his artistic pursuits ...  Read more