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Publications Angkor Wat II
Angkor Wat II is the second instalment of the exhibition outcome of an academy-wide project jointly managed and nurtured by ISEAA ...  Read more
Publications A Study in Southeast Asian Artworks: artworks from a private collection
This exhibition catalogue is published in conjunction with the exhibition titled A Study in Southeast Asian Artworks. It brings to...  Read more
Publications Passion in Living – Paintings of Indonesia by Low Hai Hong
This publication accompanies the artist's second solo exhibition at NAFA in just over a year. Featuring over 50 oil and pastel...  Read more
Publications More Space 空间 : Hong Sek Chern
This publication follows the exhibition More Space 空间  by artist and NAFA alumna, Hong Sek Chern. Featuring 14 works and ...  Read more
Publications Perceptions: Chinese ink at NAFA
This publication accompanies the academic showcase documenting the recent works of 11 NAFA alumni and current students whose explo...  Read more
Publications Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat is the first iteration of an academy-wide project and exhibition jointly managed and nurtured by the Institute of South...  Read more
Publications Of Flowers & Trees: Works by Low Hai Hong
Born in 1941, Low Hai Hong is an established visual artist and NAFA alumnus. This book presents a collection of 38 oil paintings b...  Read more
Publications Sculpture at NAFA
Published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same title, Sculpture at NAFA showcases the works of NAFA students and alumni ...  Read more
Publications Ink and Mind: Works by NAFA alumni and Hui Chun calligraphy
Ink and Mind represents 12 emerging and established alumni ink painters through over 30 artworks that reflect the aesthetic princi...  Read more
Publications Photomakers of NAFA
Published in conjunction with the exhibition, Photomakers of NAFA showcases the works of 12 recent alumni photographers and studen...  Read more
Publications Poetical state of mind: Works by Handiwirman Saputra, Jumaldi Alfi and Yusra Martunus
This book was published in conjunction with a group exhibition by three well-known contemporary Indonesian artists, Handiwirman Sa...  Read more
Publications Black & White: Works from the NAFA Collection and alumni
Black & White brings together a selection of over 40 works from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Collection. Loosely grouped i...  Read more
Publications Lives of the Artists – A Singapore Story: The Cultural Medallion and Visual Arts 1979 - 2015
Commissioned by the National Arts Council, this publication brings together the works of 38 Cultural Medallion recipients in the v...  Read more
Publications Seasons: Lim Yew Kuan
Lim Yew Kuan was born in 1928 in Xiamen, China. He graduated from NAFA with a Diploma in Fine Art in 1950 and went on to study pai...  Read more
Publications The UOB Art Collection – Drawing from our past, framing our future
Featuring 94 works from the UOB Collection, this publication was produced in conjunction with the exhibition of the same title as ...  Read more
Publications After Printmaking…
This publication features printmaking works by 9 NAFA staff, alumni and students, produced from various printmaking techniques inc...  Read more
Publications Allegories – the works of Wong Shih Yaw
Wong Shih Yaw was born in Singapore in 1967. He graduated from NAFA in 1989 with a Diploma in Fine Art. Wong was a key collaborato...  Read more
Publications Encounters: Poon Lian, 50 years of art
Born in 1947 in Singapore, Poon Lian was trained in Chinese ink painting under the tutelage of Dr. Chen Wen Hsi at Chinese High Sc...  Read more
Publications Land before our time: a vernacular in Southeast Asian art making
Published in conjunction with the exhibition, Land before our time: a vernacular in Southeast Asian art making, brings together a ...  Read more
Publications Folk Wisdoms: Narratives through Iconography
In 2014, ISEAA organised an interdisciplinary project for students of various academic departments of 3D Design, Fine Art and Desi...  Read more