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Workshops and Events > Past Exhibitions Flagship Genius - NAFA Open House 2010

Flagship Genius was on show between 15th Jan to 14th March as part of NAFA Open House 2010. An exclusive exhibition made possible through the contributions from Department of 3D Design, Department of Arts Management & Education, Department of Design & Media, Department of Fine Arts Department and Art Galleries Branch. Close to 40 pieces of crème de la crème artworks were selected for this exhibition. Visitors to the show were treated with visual indulgences from jewellery design to sculpture, paintings, animations and artworks of mixed media created by students, alumni and lecturers. Students from various secondary schools were thrilled at the marvel of designs and arts. Many fought to resist touching the artworks while some had the luxury to sample a few furniture pieces. Others drew an instant bond with the design works from the Department of Design & Media presented through projection; getting a seat in front of the screen was indeed a challenge.