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Workshops and Events > Past Exhibitions NAFA-LASALLE Fine Art Staff Show

The NAFA-LASALLE Show celebrates the diversity in art and showcases the artistic strengths of the staff in the fine art departments of both institutions.It is the first time in history, the two premier arts institutions in Singapore have co-organised a joint exhibition. The exhibition saw more than 40 pieces of artworks created by 22 lecturers from both NAFA and LASALLE College of the Arts. Exhibits include traditional and contemporary paintings, sculptures, videos and installation art. Mr Choo Thiam Siew, Ex-president, NAFA said “This exhibition is a meeting of minds in acts of creation. Similarity and tradition have their benefits, but disparity that leads to innovation is always better. There are artists who trained at LASALLE, but who are currently working at NAFA, and those who trained at NAFA, who are working in LASALLE. They induct the broad spectrum of Fine Art media, such as performance-installation; painting, printmaking and even photography, through contemporary practices. This demonstrates the richness already apparent in content delivery of both institutions, and its transformative effect on the nature and production of art education in Singapore." Graduates of NAFA currently teaching at LASALLE include Salleh Japar and Ian Woo, while graduates of LASALLE currently teaching at NAFA include Miguel Chew and Erica Lai. The NAFA-LASALLE Show celebrates a commitment by both institutions to work towards greater excellence in artistic practices. It will also provide a platform for staff from both institutions to interact with each other. 


Erica Lai
Ian Woo
Miguel Chew
Salleh Japar