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Workshops and Events > Past Exhibitions Remade Relived: Modern Art in Singapore 2009

NAFA and the Modern Art Society Singapore (MASS) jointly staged a major exhibition on modern art in Singapore from 8 to 21 September 2009 at Galleries 1 & 2. Works by 34 member artists of the MASS who represented Singapore in the 23rd Asian International Art Exhibition (AIAE) in Guangzhou in 2008 were shown as part of the offerings under the Singapore Art Show 2009 umbrella of events. The exhibition featured artist luminaries and NAFA alumni such as Cultural Medallion recipients the late Chua Ek Kay, Wee Beng Chong, Goh Beng Kwan as well as Young Artist Award winners Baet Yeok Kuan, Chua Say Hua, Hong Sek Chern and Lim Poh Teck. The works in the exhibition reflected the challenges faced by their practitioners, who in their exploratory processes and investigations sought to resolve, transform and refine their craft in the pursuit of self-identity and creative passion.


Baet Yeok Kuan 麦毓权
Chua Ek Kay 蔡逸溪
Chua Say Hua 蔡世华
Goh Beng Kwan 吴珉权
Hong Sek Chern
Lim Poh Teck 林保德
Wee Beng Chong 黄明宗