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Workshops and Events > Past Exhibitions Underwater Series 2020 By Tay Kiam Hong 庚子鱼乐二十年 郑剑峰新作'

Underwater Series 2020 was the third solo exhibition by Singaporean artist and NAFA alumnus Tay Kiam Hong, renowned for his ink works of innovative subjects such as jellyfish and seahorses. Throughout his professional years as an interior designer, Tay remained steadfast in his artistic practice; creating, refining and exhibiting. Year 2000 marked the beginning of Tay's exploration on marine life after he witnessed turtle hatchlings released into the sea at Sentosa. Then on, he embarked on research trips and learnt about marine biodiversity, recorded his observations and sought to innovate painting marine creatures in traditional Chinese ink painting techniques. The exhibition showcased two decades of his research in paintings and poems, the journey of his findings and a reflection of his love and deep respect for nature and Chinese classical arts.