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Resources > Collections > Artist Eng Joo Heng 翁维兴

Eng Joo Heng (1956 - )

Eng Joo Heng was born in Singapore in 1956. After graduating from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1982, he furthered his studies at l'École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts. While in Paris, Eng met a group of friends who were making prints at the now defunct Atelier 17. Intrigued by the new printmaking technology, the artist started getting more involved in the art, and later became a Professional Printmaker at the art studio. After returning to Singapore, he taught printmaking at his alma mater for over ten years, before deciding to obtain his Master of Fine Art at RMIT University in Australia in 2001. With the establishment of the Singapore Tyler Print Institute in 2002, Eng joined the organisation a year later and has been with the organisation since.  

The artist’s works have been exhibited in many cities around the world, such as in the 6th Biennale de Sarcelles Printmaking in Ville De Sarcelles, France, the 2nd and 8th International Triennale Competition of Prints Exhibitions in Osaka, Japan and the 3rd Global Print Exhibition in Douro, Portugal. Collectors of his works include Musee d' Art Contemporain de Chamalieres in France, Saint John's College in Oxford, England, and National Museum of Singapore. His woodcut print can also be found at Serangoon MRT Station, a work that was commissioned by the Land Transport Authority in 2004.