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Workshops and Events Past Workshops and Activities

Past Workshops and Activities White Space: The Field Beyond – General Studies Module
In collaboration with the School of Art and Design (SOAD) Foundation Programme, Year 1 students were invited to visit the exhibiti...  Read more
Past Workshops and Activities Southeast Asian Art Clinic VIII: The Field Beyond
Organised by ISEAA and held in conjunction with the exhibition entitled The Field Beyond: Works by Contemporary Malaysian Artists,...  Read more
Past Workshops and Activities Cross Disciplinary Practices in Southeast Asia Workshop with the School of Music
This cross-disciplinary learning experience involves=d year 1 students from the School of Music and an excursion to the National G...  Read more
Past Workshops and Activities BA Fine Art Year 2 Lecture and Workshop: Politics and responsibility in artistic practice - integrity, morals, ethics
This two part workshop considers case studies in art history on the process of negotiation where art production and audienceship a...  Read more