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Resources > Collections > Artist Lee Rui Xiang 李瑞祥

Lee Rui Xiang (1989 - )

Born in 1989, Lee Rui Xiang graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with a Diploma in Fine Art in 2012. Trained in printmaking at the academy, Lee offers a unique take on the traditional art form, pushing the limits and exploring new techniques in his approach. Lee’s artworks are visually audacious and unapologetically loud, bursting with pop-culture references and contemporary subjects. The artist is noted for introducing three-dimensionality in his prints by playing with juxtaposition, light and shadow, and spatiality. This approach demonstrates his deep understanding of the medium. Beyond his proficiency in techniques, his artworks reflect themes that articulate his concerns towards humanity, enhancing the complexity of his artistic thinking and process.

Lee has participated in several group exhibitions both in Singapore and abroad. This includes Full Press Print at Ludo Gallery, Singapore, and Not a Ceramic in Space K, Seoul. In 2016, he held his first solo exhibition, Beautiful Disaster, at Art Projects Gallery in Hong Kong.