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Resources > Collections > Artist Lee Sah Yang 李财香

Lee Sah Yang (1943 - 1999)

Born in 1943, Lee Sah Yang first received formal training in art at Chung Cheng High School under the tutelage of Chinese artists Lai Wen Kee (赖文基), Yang Min Hui (杨惠民) and Ye Zhi Wei (叶之威). He found like-minded schoolmates who were as interested in art and together, they formed a group to draw and paint after classes every day. Displaying exceptional talent at a young age, Lee was the only student whose works were selected to be displayed alongside his teachers’ every year in the school’s annual exhibitions. After the completion of his studies, Lee moved to Paris to study, working part-time to finance his studies. He graduated in 1974 and remained in Paris, continuing to paint participate in exhibitions. The artist returned to Singapore in the 1980s after over a decade in France.

Aside from focusing on his own works, he oversaw nude art and human figure classes at the Federation of Art Societies (Singapore) and volunteered at several art organisations, sharing his knowledge and nurturing aspiring artists. In 1998, he was awarded the Distinction Prize at the 1998 49th Local Artists Exhibition organised by the Singapore Art Society. Lee passed away the following year in 1999.