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Resources > Collections > Artist Lee Teck Suan 李德庄

Lee Teck Suan (1958 - )

Born in 1958 in Singaporean artist Lee Teck Suan was first introduced to art in primary school. With the encouragement from teachers throughout his primary and secondary education, Lee continued to pursue art when he enrolled in Chung Cheng High School, where he learnt under pioneer sculptor Yeo Hwee Bin. While still studying at the high school, Lee enrolled in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, where he received formal training in art education. His teachers included Georgette Chen, Lim Yu Kuan, See Cheen Tee and Lim Mu Hue and their varying disciplines and backgrounds in helped him understand the fundamentals of different genres of art.

Following the completion of his National Service after the completion of his studies, Lee found a job at the Port of Singapore Authority. Holding a corporate job did not deter the artist from pursuing his passion. Instead, his work became a major source of inspiration for his art as he witnessed the changing landscape of Singapore, especially in the island’s ports. In the 1980s and 1990s, Lee travelled extensively, gaining new experiences, and at the same time, his artistic style had undergone changes as he experimented with a variety of media and styles. In 1995, Lee left Singapore to work in the shipping and logistics industries in Hong Kong and China and continues to find joy in doing art.

In his almost 50-year career in art, his works have been featured in numerous exhibitions, both solo and group, and in several cities. His artistic talents have also not gone unnoticed – he won second price in the open category and a merit award in the Chinese ink painting category in the 1984 UOB Painting of the Year and also obtained an award from the Ministry of Communications and Information for his creativity.