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Resources > Collections > Artist Lim Kay Hiong 林家雄

Lim Kay Hiong (1947 - )

Shantou-born Lim Kay Hiong migrated to Singapore with his mother in 1953 at the age of 6. He had shown interest in art at a young age and later trained in Chinese ink painting with Singapore’s pioneer artists Fan Chang Tien and Shi Xiangtuo. At the same time, he studied Western painting at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 1966. A year later, together with fellow students of Shi Xiangtuo, Lim founded the Molan Art Association that sought to bring like-minded Chinese ink artists together.

Lim constantly engages in the local art scene and has held several roles as president of art organisations in Singapore, such as Hua Han Art Society, NAFA Alumni Association and The Society of Chinese Artists. He was also a director in the NAFA Board, contributing his knowledge and experience with his alma mater. In 2005, he received a merit award for the 1st International Chinese Poetry, Calligraphy, Painting & Seal-carving Grand Exhibition in Beijing. To date, Lim has held over 5 solo exhibitions and has his works collected by local and foreign institutions, as well as private collectors around the world.