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Resources > Collections > Artist Lim See Young 林书香

Lim See Young (1940 - )

Lim See Young was born in 1940 in Perak, Malaysia and moved to Singapore at age 6. In the 1960s, Lim was part of the 8th cohort of students enrolled at Nanyang University. Pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics did not stop him from engaging in Chinese calligraphy – an art that he had shown keen interest in since young – and many of his calligraphic works were used for student activities at the university. Following his graduation in 1966, Lim found himself in the corporate world. It was only after his retirement that he returned to practising Chinese calligraphy regularly. The artist was an adjunct lecturer in Chinese calligraphy at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, sharing his knowledge with young artists, and has been invited to judge at several Chinese calligraphy competitions around the world. To date, he has held 3 solo exhibitions.