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Resources > Collections > Artist Liu Yao Dong / Don Liu 刘尧东

Liu Yaodong / Don Liu (1992 - )

A Sichuan native, Liu Yaodong, was born in 1992 to a family of creatives. Although he initially decided to study science, he eventually realised that his interest was in the arts. With guidance from his father, Liu began exploring different media and techniques and built a strong foundation in drawing. In 2011, he relocated to Singapore to pursue higher education in visual arts at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). In the academy, he was trained under Singapore sculptor and NAFA Lecturer Lim Soo Ngee. For his impressive work in a conceptual sculpture workshop at the academy, he was selected to participate in a programme to learn bronze casting at the Verona Bronze Foundry in Italy in 2013.

Liu’s creativity extends beyond the visual arts. Born with perfect pitch, Liu has always been keen on music. He obtained his Diploma in Fine Art (Sculpture) in 2014 with a minor in Performing Arts. Today, Liu continues to follow his passion in both fine arts and music as a visual artist and a musician under the stage name Wickie Skyjact.