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Resources > Collections > Artist Nai Swee Leng 赖瑞龙

Nai Swee Leng ( 1946 - )

Chinese ink painter, Nai Swee Leng was born in 1946, Singapore and graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1966. Upon graduation, Nai worked as a graphic designer when he was granted an opportunity to showcase his ink paintings at the former Della Butcher Gallery helmed by the late esteemed lifetime patron of Singapore art, Della Butcher. This sparked Nai’s foray into the art scene as an acclaimed Chinese ink painter. A student of both ink masters, Fan Chang Tien and Zhao Shao’ang, Nai takes after his mentors, painting in both Shanghai and Lingnan schools of Chinese ink painting traditions respectively. Painting in the xieyi style, which places emphasis on the free flow of expression and spontaneity of lines in its brushwork, Nai enjoys painting the flora and fauna. His works, consisting mostly of bamboos, birds and flowers are known for their graceful composition and sturdy strokes. Nai has shared his passion for ink painting with others by conducting Chinese ink classes at community centres and the Japanese Association in Singapore and had a short teaching stint at his alumni. Nai is also a founder of the Molan Art Association that was established in 1968 and was a committee member of the Society of Chinese Artists from 1966 to 1992. In 2005, Nai received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Singapore Siaw-Tao Seal Carving and Calligraphy Art Society.