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Seah Kang Chui (1945 - )

Watercolourist Seah Kang Chui was born in Singapore in 1945. During his teenage years, Seah would organise art classes with his schoolmates, with the aim of sharing their art knowledge and helping one another learn and strengthen their skills. Seah continued to cultivate his passion by attending part time classes at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts even when he was working full-time. In 1968, after obtaining his art qualification at the Teachers’ Training College, he decided to dedicate his career to teaching art at government schools and stayed on until his retirement. One of Seah’s favourite subject matters to paint is the kampong. He spent the first 3 decades of his life in a small kampong in Yio Chu Kang. From his childhood to the birth of his children, he has several fond memories of his life in the kampong and these memories often inspire his works. 

In 1989, Seah joined the Singapore Watercolour Society (SWS) and was appointed General Secretary, serving under Cultural Medallion winner Ong Kim Seng. Later in 2009, he was elected the President of the SWS, a role he has held since. The artist has contributed significantly to the Singapore art scene through his position, organising art activities, student competitions, giving lectures, as well as helping with the organisation of exhibitions for members. Seah also regularly participates in exhibitions himself. In 2011, he held his first solo exhibition “Unchanged for 50 years” in Singapore.