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Tan Khim Ser (1943 - )

President of the Life Art Society Tan Khim Ser is a Chinese ink painter who has contributed significantly to the development of art in Singapore. Born in 1943, Tan showed immense passion for art as a child and excelled in the subject in school. In 1963, he enrolled in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Although trained in both Chinese and Western art, the Chinese education he received in his primary and secondary schools influenced him to eventually pursue Chinese ink painting and calligraphy. Tan held a day job in a department store for over a decade following his graduation. In the evenings and weekends, he would practise and teach art.

Tan founded the Life Art Society in 1972 and five years later resigned from his position to be full-time artist. Besides pursuing his own career in art, Tan devoted his time to his society, sharing his knowledge and passion with many others. He organised numerous events and exhibitions, many of which feature works of young artists and students. The society was credited for encouraging the interest in Chinese art in the 1970s and 1980s. Outside the society, Tan taught Chinese ink painting and calligraphy in various community clubs. He also actively participates in group exhibitions and has held over 10 solo exhibitions to date. The well-liked teacher artist continues to practise art today and dedicates his time to teaching and nurturing students.