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Resources > Collections > Artist Teo Ching Keong Terence 曾纪策

Terence Teo Chin Keong ( 1953 - )

Terence Teo Chin Keong is both an artist and gallerist. He was born in 1953 and studied Graphic Design in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 1980. 9 years later, he founded the Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery which focuses on showcasing works by Singaporean artists. Teo also held the role of President of the Society of Chinese Artists from 2006 to 2009, and since 2010 has been the President of the Singapore Art Society. An active participant in group exhibitions, Teo has displayed his works around the world, such as in the 5th Beijing International Art Biennale in Beijing, China, and Nanyang Treasures in the 2016 Art Stage Singapore. The artist has also held a number of solo exhibitions. His first was in 2009, titled The Romance in Shangri-La at ARTrium@MICA in Singapore, and his most recent in 2019, Echoes of the Four Seasons at ION Orchard, organised by Artredot. 

With Chinese ink as his preferred medium, the artist constantly challenges the limits of traditional landscape painting, interlacing his works with elements of modern art. His ink paintings present his experiences and interactions with the natural environment that are inspired his observations. In addition, encouraged by his background in graphic design, Teo’s works demonstrate vitality dynamism that highlight his exceptional talent and technique in marrying the two that are often thought to be opposing.