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Wong Kian Ping (1932 - )

Born in 1932, Singapore, painter and calligrapher, Wong Kian Ping, graduated from Teachers Training College with a Certificate in Education in 1958 and a Diploma in Western Painting from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in 1961. Upon graduation, Wong learnt Chinese painting under local pioneer artist Chen Wen Hsi while working as an art lecturer at the Teachers Training College. Wong went on to serve as a Specialist Art Inspector with the Ministry of Education for 25 years, dedicating his career to the promotion of fine arts in mainstream education while honing his artistic skills in his spare time. Wong even pursued studies in ceramic and design at the Government Industrial Research Institute in Nagoya, Japan during his time as a public servant. For his contributions, Wong received numerous awards, including the National Day Efficiency medal (Pingat Berkebolehan) in 1981, Ministry of Community Development Long Award Service Award (Culture) in 1987 and the Ministry of Education Pingat Bakti Seita in 1992.

An active member of the art community, Wong has served as Vice President for the Federation of Art Societies, Singapore Art Society and NAFA Alumni Association. Other positions he helmed include Council Member of the Society of Chinese Artists and Singapore Arts Federation as well as Art Resource Panel Member of the National Arts Council. Proficient in oil painting and calligraphy, Wong also dabbled in acrylic painting. His works, rhythmic in nature, often place emphasis on fluid crisp lines and energetic, sturdy brushstrokes. Following his formal retirement in the 1990s, Wong pursued a full-time career in art and enjoyed taking painting trips to Pulau Ubin with his contemporaries. Fishing villages and kampongs are among his favourite subjects. In 1998, Wong was awarded the Dr. Tan Tsze Chor Art Award in Western Painting.