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Yu Danya (1982 - )

Born in 1982, Yu Danya began her career in finance after graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce and Economics from The University of Melbourne in 2005. After a few years in the industry, she enrolled at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) to pursue a Diploma in Fine Art. Subsequently, the artist attained a Degree with Honours in Fine Arts from Loughborough University, the United Kingdom, in 2012. Yu is also involved in creating large-scale art pieces in public and private spaces, particularly mural art. In 2014, she was also involved in the LTA art project for Holland Village MRT Station. She has also participated in art-related events such as the Affordable Art Fair from 2011-2014 in Singapore. She is currently a full-time artist with The Art Fellas Gallery.

The artist specialises in traditional Western painting and drawing but also constantly seeks inspirations from other art styles. For instance, Gameway, a series of images, feature realistic motifs of architectural structures, urbanites and cityscapes that are contrasted with light illustrated as abstract elements. These work indicant Yeo’s inclinations towards the vibrancy of streetscapes and her experimentations with illumination.​​​​