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Resources > Collections > Artwork Adams and Eves of the World

Year of execution:  2017
Year of acquisition:  2019
Medium:   Found cabinet, assortment of 12 garments owned by the artist, cotton, light and wire
Dimension:  60 x 40 14.5  cm
Acquired in 2019

Emerging Indonesian-born artist Liza Markus graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with a Diploma in Fine Arts (Sculpture) in 2017. Besides incorporating ceramic works in her installations, Markus explores and extensively integrates her artworks with various materials, such as found objects and used fabrics, to convey her concepts and personal narratives. Equipped with the skills of a sculptor, Markus is adept at assembling various materials. The selection of materials and ideas in her work exudes emotional dexterity and maturity seen in her sculpture, installation, writing and textile arts. Her artistic inspirations draw from themes of religion, history, identity and collective memories.

In this artwork, Markus conceptualizes a comedic twist on the biblical story of Adam and Eve. The artist’s previous works, such as Adam (2016), have explored the use of these figures to reflect notions of romance and heartbreak. This piece hints that the experiences and dynamics of the iconic Adam and Eve resonate in our relationship with others. Perhaps, Markus posits that we may perceive ourselves and others as “Adams and Eves”.


Liza Markus