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Resources > Collections > Artwork Aequilibrium XI

Year of execution:  2017
Year of acquisition:  2019
Medium:   Stone, Glass
Dimension:  17 x 17 x 6  cm
Acquired in 2019

Tan Sock Fong is a Singaporean artist born in 1966 who specialises in printmaking, as well as glass and sand art. She obtained a Bachelor of Art & Design (Honours) in glass art and printmaking from Wolverhampton University, United Kingdom, in 1995. An active member of the local printmaking community, Tan led a committee to set up Singapore’s first public printmaking studio in Changkat Community Center in 1992. She is also a founding member of Emily Hill Enterprise, a ground-up initiative facilitating collaborations between artists and businesses.

The technical knowledge in creating, firing, moulding, slumping and fusing glass involves thoroughly understanding materials and the reactions produced through temperature and formal manipulation. The two works here come from 2017 and combine float glass and stone. Glass is scientifically regarded as an amorphous solid that is highly malleable under intense heat. This work, Aequilibrium, is the Latin spelling for the level, horizontal state. The work here exhibits a powerful homage to a fusing of natural rock and glass. Inside, the mineral character of glass and stone are living materials, still subject to time and movement. Outside, they remain steadfast and in the state of the title form, identifying a single moment of stasis hewn from the elements by the human hand. The solid-state of the final sculpture is a paradox of its existence, much like the earth itself.


Tan Sock Fong