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Year of execution:  2015
Year of acquisition:  2015
Medium:   Decorative textile, Handpainted wood carving, String
Dimension:  Approx 100 cm (height)  cm
Acquired in 2015

Myanmar Marionettes is a Mandalay-based string puppetry company founded by Ma Ma Naing and Naing Yee Mar in 1986. To the present day, the Myanmar Marionettes and their programming still strive not only to entertain through their performances but also to educate the world audience on the rich history and cultural values of Myanmar’s theatrical arts.

This character is Alchemist (Zawgyi). Underneath his robe, he wears a silk-woven pasoe cloth wrapped around his waist, a red pair of trousers, and a gold sequin-lined pair of shoes on his feet. The iconic feature defining the alchemist is his long dark beard and the red cap on his hat. In his hands, he carries a long, red wooden staff customarily used to grind ingredients for medicine. This staff is also believed to hold the magical power of turning anything it touches into gold. The alchemist character is known for his complicated dance moves and acrobatic steps on stage, and the puppeteer handling this particular marionette is highly regarded in this field of practice. 


Myanmar Marionettes Theatre Co Ltd