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Resources > Collections > Artwork All Flowers Bloom

Year of execution:  2020
Year of acquisition:  2021
Medium:   Acrylic on raw linen canvas
Dimension:  70 x 90  cm
Acquired in 2021

Ho Seok Kee is a Singaporean artist and NAFA alumna. She graduated with Diploma in Fine Art with Distinction in 2016 and a Bachelor’s in Fine Art (First Class) from NAFA-University of Loughborough in 2018. She was named Best Graduate, Killiney Art Prize Top Achiever and won the Silver Award (Established Artist) in the 37th UOB Painting of the Year Competition in 2018. Ho is an interdisciplinary artist who experiments with ideas and materials in her work. 

In All Flowers Bloom, Ho departs from the traditional rice paper and ink that marked her academic forays at NAFA. Here, she revisits the dotting technique by the Song dynasty painter, poet and calligrapher Mi Fu. Against a backdrop of computer-aided technology to visibly re-imagine imagery, this work invokes the phrase used by Chairman Mao during his Hundred Flowers Campaign in 1957, “百花齊放,百家爭鳴 [a hundred flowers bloom, a hundred school of thoughts flourish]”. Appropriately echoing the expansion of artistic and intellectual thinking towards creative outcomes as well as to the service of the community, this painting conveys Kee’s aspirations toward diligently pursuing her art and renewing her practice through research and innovation. The result is a surreal but significant layering of both Chinese ink principles and Western perspectival painting.


Ho Seok Kee 何淑芝