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Resources > Collections > Artwork The Boy and His Dog

Year of execution:  2016
Year of acquisition:  2016
Medium:   Ink on papyrus
Dimension:  29 x 20  cm
Acquired in 2014

Known for his fantastical realistic artworks in ink, Singaporean-born Koh Liang Jiang was trained at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and graduated with a Diploma in Western Painting in 2014. Koh’s body of works reflects the rigorous draughtsman training at the Academy, executed with a contemporary interpretation of the traditional medium. Influenced by legends, stories from ancient mythology and modern science fiction, Koh’s focus resides in the fantasy realm, albeit with varying connections to real life. His preferred choice of medium is papyrus, which allows him to render intricate and complex ink lines. 

In this compelling drawing, Koh incorporates local elements to portray the relationship between the past and present of the city. As the overgrown grass and thickets slowly engulf the walls and the cement ground of the city’s back alleyways, the scene evinces longing and sombreness. Amidst the shade of the surrounding hollow and crumbling buildings, a small dog warily scutters about. A giant statue of a young boy in the distance seemingly scours the cracks between the vast concrete forests around him.


Koh Liang Jiang