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Resources > Collections > Artwork Calligraphy in semi-cursive script

Year of execution:  Undated
Year of acquisition:  2007
Medium:   Chinese ink on paper
Dimension:  126 x 47  cm
Gift of Mr and Mrs Sy So Nam

Pan Shou (b. 1911) was from Quanzhou, China. He worked as a feature editor for Lat Pau (叻报), the first Chinese newspaper in Singapore, in 1929. Pan played a crucial role in establishing the Nanyang University (also known as Nantah 南大), where he served as its Secretary-General and Acting Vice-Chancellor before resigning in 1960. Beyond his extensive contribution to education in Singapore, he was also known for his involvement in the local calligraphy scene. In 1986, he was awarded the Cultural Medallion. Pan passed away in 2000. 

Besides his proficiency as a calligrapher, Pan was also a wonderful poet. Throughout the span of his life, he wrote more than 1000 poems, documented in five anthologies which articulated various themes ranging from current affairs to historical events. His publications are important to the study of modern Chinese poetry. Calligraphy in semi-cursive script presents one of the numerous outstanding poems written by Pan.

The text reads


梦禄竹三径, 吟黄花半村





Pan Shou 潘受