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Resources > Collections > Artwork Cast Drawing of Michelangelo (Practice Drawing)

Year of execution:  1983
Year of acquisition:  2015
Medium:   Charcoal on paper, Pencil
Dimension:  78 x 103.5  cm
Acquired in 2015

Born in China in 1963, Fan Shao Hua is known to be highly exploratory in his practice. He incorporates Chinese and Western painting concepts and techniques in his abstract works in oil and Chinese ink. At 10 years old, Fan trained under the tutelage of prominent Chinese art teachers like Lu Yanguang (Chinese ink) and Zhao Jizhao (sketching in Western art traditions). In 1978, he was selected to enroll in a High School affiliated to the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Soon after, he was admitted to the Academy full time, specialising in oil painting.

Due to his early training at the Academy, his study meant he had to pay great attention to examining details of casts, drawing from life as well as honing his techniques in realism. Cast Drawing of Michelangelo rendered in charcoal was drawn by Fan as an art student in 1984. After 4 years of rigorous academic training and practice, his practice showed solid foundational skills in human figure and techniques in realism. In Fan’s later body of works, he often juxtaposes both academic styling with symbolic textures.


Fan Shao Hua 范少华