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Year of execution:  
Year of acquisition:  
Medium:   Watercolour on paper
Dimension:  66 x 45  cm
Gift of the artist

Lim Kang Kee is a Singaporean artist. Lim enrolled to study at the now-defunct Singapore Academy of Art, helmed by renowned artist Sun Yee. Beyond his time at the institution, he was also taught by pioneer artist Liu Kang. Both his teachers, trained in western painting, significantly influenced Lim’s art. Like the work of his mentors, Lim’s artworks are meticulous.  

The academic training of every artist helps us understand his practice and his training better. This watercolour painting of flowers by Lim Kang Kee is a testament to his draughtsman’s skills. The genre of still-life is used by artists to refine their observation skills. Objects are placed on a surface, usually with a neutral or indeterminate background. Here, Lim’s concentration captures the almost different ‘personalities’ of the flowers in the arrangement. The way each stalk is pointed and sits allows for how the colours and light are rendered to fill out the realistic form. Through Lim’s deft watercolour strokes, we are able to not only visualise the flowers, but also the atmosphere that surrounds them. Watercolour enables the artist to both sketch (outline quickly) and develop (fully represent) subjects, honing their application towards accurate depiction and lively colours.


Lim Kang Kee 林江奇