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Resources > Collections > Artwork FN 039-1959 (Lying Nude)

Year of execution:  1959
Year of acquisition:  2010
Medium:   Pencil on paper
Dimension:  28 x 39  cm
Acquired in 2010

Lim Yew Kuan was born in Xiamen in 1928. He was a distinguished alumnus, artist and educator who dedicated more than three decades to nurturing and transforming the arts in Singapore. He served as NAFA’s second principal from 1963 to 1979, succeeding his father, Lim Hak Tai. Lim trained at NAFA and graduated in Western Art in 1950. From 1958 to 1962, Lim went to the Chelsea School of Art, London, to study design and printmaking. For his talent and artistic achievements, he was awarded the Cultural Medallion, Singapore’s highest accolade for artistic excellence and contribution to the visual arts. The artist passed away in May 2021.

This sketch was created as part of his Western foundational training in learning the techniques in depicting the human anatomy. Following his formal education, Lim’s exceptional understanding of the human form equipped him the skills to become a proficient sculptor, creating busts and bronze cast statues of significant dignitaries in Singapore. In Lying Nude, Lim rendered the female figure in light delicate pencil strokes that blend seamlessly with the softness of the fabric. This work testifies to Lim’s mastery of light and shadows as well.


Lim Yew Kuan 林友权