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Resources > Collections > Artwork Hey Yo! Hey Yo! We are All Marvellous

Year of execution:  2013
Year of acquisition:  2019
Medium:   Mixed media on canvas
Dimension:  51 x 101  cm
Acquired in 2019

Singaporean artist Chng Seok Tin is known for her relentless spirit and positivity despite her challenges. After losing most of her eyesight in an accident in 1988, Chng overcame her struggles and emerged afresh, exploring tactile works and mixed media, including uncommon materials like dried lily buds. This new approach reflected the beginning of her art trajectory without the use of sight. 

The Olympic flag inspired Chng to create Hey Yo! Hey Yo! We are All Marvellous. Like the Olympic logo, the artist’s work similarly contains five-coloured rings representing the world’s five continents. Her signature three-dimensional figures possess strong tactile qualities and are movable on the surface, challenging the notion that sculpture is static. This quality of the work invites the viewer to consider different approaches to perceiving art. The artwork symbolizes the optimism and resilience of the human spirit.


Chng Seok Tin 莊心珍