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Resources > Collections > Artwork Memorable Recollections - Red Line

Year of execution:  2018
Year of acquisition:  2018
Medium:   Mixed media on canvas
Dimension:  80 x 100  cm
Acquired in 2018

Baet Yeok Kuan is known for his commissioned sculptures in public spaces around Singapore. Baet is also an accomplished art educator, installation artist and painter. He was awarded the prestigious UOB Painting of the Year award in 1987 after obtaining his Diploma in Fine Art (Painting) at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts that same year. Changes in nature and human perceptions, wrought by time, inspire his creations.

Red Line, 2018 was inspired by Baet's collection of his favourite childhood objects. It depicts a bold red line threading across an old Malayan one-cent coin featuring King George VI minted during the Second World War. Through a combination of cultural references and enigmatic images, such as the old coin, Baet encourages the audience to make the connection for themselves and to interpret what they see through their own cultural lens.


Baet Yeok Kuan 麦毓权