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Resources > Collections > Artwork My Pregnant Wife

Year of execution:  Undated
Year of acquisition:  1984
Medium:   Watercolour on paper
Dimension:  77 x 57  cm
Gift of the artist

Siew Hock Meng is an artist born in 1942, Malaysia, particularly known for depicting scenes in Singapore and Bali and for his commissioned portraitures. The artist graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), learning from pioneer artists like Cheong Soo Pieng. After graduation, Siew worked as a rubber tapper in Johore and Kemaman, Malaysia. During this time, he read extensively about philosophy, aesthetics and politics and joined the Labour Party. In 1975, he returned to Singapore to run Grace Art Gallery.

While he is well known for his figure works in pastels and oils, this work here is executed in watercolour. This work demonstrates Siew’s keen observation skills and rendering of his subjects. A pregnant woman reclines gently on an armchair, and her face glows under the gentle sunlight. The soft pink flowers on her dress may also come to symbolise the vitality of her pregnancy. Siew has long explored a profound sensibility and soul in his works – his gift is not merely technical but one of visceral expression.


Siew Hock Meng 萧学民