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Year of execution:  c. 1997
Year of acquisition:  2019
Medium:   Chinese ink and colour on rice paper
Dimension:  16 x 137  cm
Gift of Dr Ho Kah Leong

Pan Shou (b. 1911) was from Quanzhou, China. He worked as a feature editor for Lat Pau (叻报), the first Chinese newspaper in Singapore, in 1929. Pan played a crucial role in establishing the Nanyang University (also known as Nantah 南大), where he served as its Secretary-General and Acting Vice-Chancellor before resigning in 1960. Beyond his extensive contribution to education in Singapore, he was also known for his involvement in the local calligraphy scene. In 1986, he was awarded the Cultural Medallion. Pan passed away in 2000. 

Pan experimented with various styles in his calligraphic practice, including the traditional Qin, Han and Wei scripts. His calligraphic works can be found across Singapore, from the masthead of the local newspaper Lianhe Zaobao to the Singapore Art Museum. His artworks are also displayed internationally, such as in the Museum of the Great Wall of China. 

Pan’s art was integral to the formation of NAFA’s identity. Since 1997, his calligraphic writings been used in the institution’s past and present logos. When NAFA moved to its new premises along Bencoolen Street in 2004, the logos featuring Pan’s calligraphy were displayed on the façade of all three campuses. This installation can be regarded as a way of honouring his proficiency in art and inspiring upcoming artists who join the academy. 


Pan Shou 潘受