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Resources > Collections > Artwork Night at Pont Marie

Year of execution:  2005
Year of acquisition:  2017
Medium:   Oil on canvas
Dimension:  55 x 73  cm
Acquired in 2017

Low Hai Hong was born in Indonesia in 1941 and moved to Singapore, where he attended the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1961. At the institution, Low studied Western Painting under pioneer artist Georgette Chen. He frequented Indonesia in the 1990s, returning to his hometown and seeing other parts of Indonesia, such as Jakarta and Bali. The artist exhibited his impressive oil paintings in seven solo shows, each featuring an exquisite collection derived from his travels.

Oil painting can be challenging to control, particularly since poor mixing of colours can result in muddy tones and undefined lines. Oil paint must be carefully blended to fill out light and dark areas beneath the rendered image. Night at Pont Marie is an excellent example of rich tonal colours and skilful variations that capture the timelessness of a famed bridge which crosses the Seine in Paris, France. Low depicts a line of trees dispersed in a horizontal line, revealing the water and the bridge in the distance. The darker areas are contrasted with emphasising the illumination of the bridge reflecting off the water. The actual bridge in the painting can be viewed from the Cité International des Arts, where Low spent five months as a resident artist at the NAFA-owned studios in Paris.


Low Hai Hong 刘海宏