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Resources > Collections > Artwork Nostalgic Ways

Year of execution:  2010
Year of acquisition:  2013
Medium:   Watercolour on paper
Dimension:  56 x 76  cm
Acquired in 2013

Born in 1963 in Singapore, artist Seah Kam Chuan is an accomplished watercolourist, illustrator and educator. He trained at NAFA between 1978 to 1985 and obtained two diplomas in graphic design and applied arts. He also served as the President of Singapore Watercolour Society (SWS) from 2000-2006 and remained as advisor from 2007-2018.

Nostalgic Ways presents Seah’s excellent draughtsmanship and technical skills in the watercolour medium. His dexterity and keen observation in portraying the details of traditional coffee-making utensils conveys the depth and realism to the scene, invoking memories of the sights and sounds of the common man’s drink in Singapore; a handmade aromatic brew made from freshly ground coffee beans, roasted sugar and margarine, often served black or with milk, traces the ‘Nanyang’ heritage in a cup of kopi.


Seah Kam Chuan 谢江泉