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Resources > Collections > Artwork The Rain is Coming

Year of execution:  2008
Year of acquisition:  2005
Medium:   Chinese ink on paper
Dimension:  90 x 60  cm
Acquired in 2005

Inspired by urbanisation and the symbiotic relationship between man and nature, Singaporean painter Tan Chee Wah Terence is known for his contemporary works. As an Adjunct Lecturer of Fine Art at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art Singapore, Tan obtained his Diploma in Fine Art in 1990 and, after that, a Bachelor of Art with a major in Multimedia Design from the Curtin University of Technology in 1997. Following this, he pursued a Master’s Degree in Electronic Arts from Middlesex University in 2004. Tan learnt Chinese ink painting from Tan Oe Pang, known for his bold and innovative ink paintings. Tan subsequently develops his meditative series of works, including The rain is coming, After Eden and Wetland, among others. 

In The rain is coming, Tan uses wet and gentle strokes to evoke the presence of a looming stormcloud. A house, depicted in minimal lines, is strategically positioned beneath it, creating an atmosphere of suspense that foreshadows a heavy rainstorm.


Terence Tan Chee Wah 陈智华