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Year of execution:  2015
Year of acquisition:  2015
Medium:   Decorative textile, Handpainted wood carving, String
Dimension:  Approx 100 cm (height)  cm
Acquired in 2015

Myanmar Marionettes is a Mandalay-based string puppetry company founded by Ma Ma Naing and Naing Yee Mar in 1986. To the present day, the Myanmar Marionettes and their programming still strive not only to entertain through their performances but also to educate the world audience on the rich history and cultural values of Myanmar’s theatrical arts.

The puppet depicts the character of Rama (Yama) from the extraordinary tale of Ramayana, which in Burma is known as Yama Zatdaw. The Ramayana scene is also known as the scene of ‘Chasing Deer”, where Rama is seen chasing the deer (Gambi) who lured Sita into captivity. The puppet is clothed in a regal green silk shirt and black velvet trousers, as well as a silk pasoe wrapped around his waist. Across his chest is an ornate sequin-lined armour, iconic to the warrior king. He also wears a towering gold headdress on his head, with each level of the golden tower decorated in different coloured stones. Around his neck is a necklace laced with gold beads, and a green shawl hangs on his shoulder. In the Yama Zatdaw, Yama is the protagonist and most beloved character because he represents courage, virtue, and how good forces will triumph over evil.


Myanmar Marionettes Theatre Co Ltd