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Resources > Collections > Artwork Show Me the Way 1 Life: Death

Year of execution:  2013
Year of acquisition:  2014
Medium:   Hand-embroidery on fabric
Dimension:  30.5 x 21.5 x 2.5  cm
Acquired in 2014

As a multimedia artist, Marienne Yang’s main interest lies in searching for ‘near-pain’ conditions to express the emotional struggles and healing process through a series of artworks ranging from paintings, installations, photography, relief printing and embroidery. Yang pursued Fine Art training at the University of Tasmania, Australia and graduated in 2004. Upon her graduation, Yang became an art educator, and she is currently the Academic Vice Dean (SOAD) and Senior Lecturer of 3D at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore. In 2009, Yang attained her Masters in Contemporary Practice from the University of Huddersfield, UK.

Show Me the Way: Life – Death conveys Yang’s distressing encounter with the aroma of death. Employing hand embroidery to emphasize the intricacies of life, Yang incorporates a skull to represent death. The hand-sewn head is stitched on a bright floral fabric, a pattern that embodies life’s vitality. The composition is rendered in a shape of an oval hanging mirror, referencing moments whereby a person contemplates their reflections and confronts the inevitable death for all.


Marienne Yang