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Resources > Collections > Artwork Singapore River

Year of execution:  Undated
Year of acquisition:  2001
Medium:   Watercolour on paper
Dimension:  76 x 56  cm
Acquired in 2001

Watercolourist Khor Ean Ghee was born in 1934, Penang, Malaysia. As a child he lived near the sea and would often cycle to the shore to sketch. As a teenager, Khor trained in watercolour painting under artist, Khaw Sia. He later pursued his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Taiwan Normal University in Taipei and a Diploma in Interior Design at North London University. Following his graduation, Khor moved to Singapore and joined the Housing Development Board as an interior designer, conceptualising many of Singapore’s iconic playgrounds, including the ‘Dragon Playground’. He has since retired from public service but continues to hold positions in several art societies in Singapore and abroad. 

Although Khor was introduced to a variety of medium during his studies in Taiwan, he found most joy working with watercolour. Singapore River depicts a gathering of bumboats on the riverbank. Khor captures the reflection of the scene on the river surface, bringing life to an otherwise ordinary scene. In the early days, bumboats were a common mode of transportation along the Singapore River, it was commonplace to witness the loading and unloading of goods into shophouses flanking the riverbanks. Today, the riverbanks have evolved to become a lifestyle destination, and warehouses have been replaced by eateries and high-rise establishments.


Khor Ean Ghee 许延义