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Resources > Collections > Artwork Street Scene

Year of execution:  2002
Year of acquisition:  2006
Medium:   Oil on canvas
Dimension:  55 x 44  cm
Gift of the artist

Selangor painter Yeo Eng Hin pursued his interest in art by training under renowned Malaysian artist Chia Yu Chian before enrolling at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in Singapore. In the 1980s, Yeo furthered his education in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. A trip to the scenic hills of Cameron Highlands in Malaysia with his peers in 1976 led Yeo to develop his lifelong fondness for illustrating tranquil lands and peaks. In Paris, Yeo focused on sketching and oil painting, citing eminent artists like Bolognese painter Leonardo Cremonini and Chinese-French artist Zao Wou Ki as mentors. Yeo is also an art educator and an active member of the Malaysian art community. Some of Yeo’s other accolades and appointments include being Principal of Masean Art Academy in Kajang, Principal of the Art Specialist Centre in Klang, President of NAFA Malaysian Alumni Association and cultural education committee member of The Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. 

Street Scene, painted in 2002, is an oil painting depicting cobbled streets commonly seen in Europe, perhaps Paris, where Yeo had studied. Barren trees and small human figures in long coats along the road suggest the coming of winter. The atmosphere appears cold and balmy in the early morning as a dark shadow is cast on the left and illuminated on the right corner of the street. In this painting, Yeo uses elements of light, shadow and perspective to create space and depth, leading the viewer’s eyes towards the end of the street where a faint silhouette of a white domed basilica can be seen.


Yeo Eng Hin 余荣兴