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Resources > Collections > Artwork Ten Years (First Edition)

Year of execution:  2019
Year of acquisition:  2019
Medium:   Seal imprints, pen and Chinese ink on rice paper
Dimension:  50 x 32  cm
Acquired in 2019

Born in Myanmar in 1987, Nyan Soe’s works often reflect a lyrical and contemplative quality. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from the University of East Yangon, Myanmar, before graduating from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) with a Diploma in Fine Art (Sculpture) in 2013. Known for his ceramic installations, Nyan Soe is also well-versed in other mediums, such as Chinese seal carving and installation art. The multi-talented artist often draws inspiration from his personal experience and articulates these feelings cleverly in his works.

In commemorating his ten years in Singapore, the artist created a series of ceramic installations, Chinese seal carvings and printmaking in his 2019 debut exhibition, Ten Years and Moonlight, City, DreamTen Years was presented as one of the works in the exhibition that reflects the artist’s struggles, dreams and gratitude while training away from home. Employing self-penned inscriptions of writings and pictorials in his seal carvings, these seal imprints on rice paper exude a poetic quality.


Nyan Soe