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Resources > Collections > Artwork White Dots in the Middle

Year of execution:  2010
Year of acquisition:  2011
Medium:   Relief print 1/10
Dimension:  40 x 54  cm
Gift of Mr Choo Thiam Siew

Trained in Western Painting at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Printmaking at The Slade School of Fine Art, UK, Singaporean April Ng is renowned for the abstract simplicity of her print works that exude calmness and contemplative stillness. Drawing inspiration from the natural environment, Ng simplifies and re-interprets objects and landscapes in her artistic vocabulary of dot, line and plane, as seen in White Dots in the Middle. With the natural flow of her emotions and simplification of natural elements, her oeuvre evokes minimalist and contemporary qualities. 

An adjunct lecturer with the Fine Art Department at the Academy, Ng combines the traditional method of relief printing techniques with contemporary practices. She demonstrates this by using negative space in her composition, which causes the subject matter to float in space. By using elements of black and white dots to create contrast and texture, the vertical lines seemingly vibrate within the work.


April Ng Kiow Ngor