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Workshops and Events > Past Exhibitions Adventures of Little Things

6 artists of differing artistic orientations and backgrounds were assembled to explore the perennial questions on production and creation, the aura of an object, and the forgotten sensations of intimacy and remoteness. But more importantly, the geometrical but organic forms by Anthony Poon, the lyrical paintings of Parvathi Nayar, the harmonious abstract drawings by sculptor Terry Poh, the pop-painterly installation by Claire Cheng, and the juxtaposition of Jacqueline Ng's delicate ceramic figures with Deryk Stronach's sturdy-looking ceramics of frozen movements, compel us to examine our notion of smallness, a symbolic attentiveness to what is valued and held close to the soul.


Anthony Poon
Claire Cheng
Deryk Stronach
Jacqueline Ng
Parvathi Nayar
Terry Poh