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Workshops and Events > Past Exhibitions Angkor Wat

The academy wide project, Angkor Wat, made its debut in February 2017. This presentation showcased the creative outcomes of over a hundred students from NAFA’s School of Art & Design (SOAD), School of Arts Management, Dance & Theatre and School of Music. The static displays included design drafts, architectural features, fashion, graphic and other prototypes summarizing the creative works produced by NAFA’s students as they delved into Southeast Asian art and art history. At the opening event, 8 performances by a combination of interdisciplinary teams as well as students of Music and students of Theatre brought together a vibrant mix of the highly visual, musical and experiential.                                                            Using Angkor Wat as a creative stimulus, various themes were explored for this project. This display highlights some of the students’ explorations, including the history and mythology behind Angkor Wat such as Demon Rahu, the Churning the Ocean of Milk and the Apsara. The temple’s construction and architectural themes inspired by cosmology as well as the geometric form of Mandala and lotus flower were all ideas and aspects included in several designs and outcomes.