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Workshops and Events > Past Exhibitions Art and Soul: 80 years of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Art and Soul: 80 years of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts was the final instalment of NAFA’s year-long festivities celebrating the Academy’s 80 years of arts education. The exhibition showcased key works from the NAFA collection and archival documentation such as videos, photographs and displays, providing viewers with a three-dimensional perspective of NAFA’s artistic vision through its historical founding and evolving of its arts education paradigm through practice. A specially commissioned installation from Fine Art, the flagship of NAFA, featured 80 prints created collectively by NAFA lecturers, alumni and selected students from the School of Art & Design, demonstrating how artistic vision moves from 2D to 3D, from an image through an idea into our space, our existence. Kick-starting the exhibition was the launch of the anniversary book on 10 December, which chronicles 80 years of NAFA’s history through the stories of the Academy’s students and staff.