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Workshops and Events > Past Exhibitions Chen Chong Swee: A Legacy in Truth, Beauty and Goodness

NAFA paid tribute to the late Chen Chong Swee, one of the pioneer artists and arts educator at the academy who contributed immensely to the local arts and the growth of the leading arts institution in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Initiated by NAFA Board Member Prof KK Phua, a family friend of the Chens, NAFA staged and produced an exhibition and commemorative publication that marked the centenary of the birth of late artist Chen Chong Swee through a generous loan of his works from the family members. Over 60 Chinese ink, watercolour and oil paintings, including works that have never been shown in public, were exhibited as well as a book of poems and paintings lovingly published by his family to commemorate the occasion. Art lovers and academics were treated to a wide collection of the artist’s works dated 1937 to 1981, spanning nearly his entire lifetime in Singapore.  


Chen Chong Swee 陈宗端