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Our fourth year of collaboration with our German cultural partners, Goethe Institut Singapore and Institut fur Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa), NAFA Gallery co-presents real space conceptual space, a photography exhibition featuring artistic positions that had recently emerged in the German art scene. This exhibition, curated by Ute Eskildsen, was officially opened on 1 July at NAFA Gallery 3, and ended on 23 August. As part of the series, Aspects of Contemporary German Photography by ifa, the artworks of the three German artists, Susanne Brügger, Thomas Demand and Heidi Specker, were gathered to explore the subject of ‘public spaces’. Beyond the historical and formal aesthetic values of the medium, and the refined execution and presentation of the works, the ‘painterly’ architectural images of Heidi Specker, the scenes of cardboard constructed spaces by Thomas Demand, or Susanne Brügger’s dissected town views, demonstrated the use of photography to question not just theoretical issues regarding representation and reality, but also the art form itself. 


Heidi Specker
Susanne Brügger
Thomas Demand