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Workshops and Events > Past Exhibitions A tribute to Foo Chee San: moments and milestones

NAFA Alumnus and a recipient of the Colombo Plan Scholarship 1963, Foo Chee San has been an art educator for over 50 years. Apart from playing a pivotal role in nurturing local budding artists and contributing to the richly developing art scene in Singapore over several decades, Foo is one of the more underexposed artists of the second generation in Singapore. The miniature exhibition highlights his artistic milestones covering the years from the 1960s till 2004, using a selection of works from his Masters studio here at NAFA.                                   

This 4th solo exhibition featured more than 40 works including woodblock prints depicting Singapore's street scenes and idyllic villages in the 1960s. From quintessential landscapes in Southeast Asia to mountain ranges in China, the paintings showcased his finesse in Chinese ink and explorations in oil paint. Works in the last 15 years include portraits and travels to neighbouring countries were also highlights in this exhibition.


Foo Chee San 符致珊